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IFDefine doesn't work with user defined variables.
Created 06/08/08
Store additional information in access logs and create our own log rotation and store results into database.
Created 04/02/08
This is Hot! without being stolen or likely to put you in the burns unit. mod_rewrite is the module used to re-create a URL when it is received by the server, and means you can take a URL composing of say www.books.co.uk/author_name/book_title/is...
Created 28/04/07
mod_cache I have the tiniest pages of javascript on my site, which is generated by server side code which grabs price information from a lot of different webservers. The strategy however is to store this information for up to a day, and hence not ...
Created 28/04/07
Setting up SSL guide. Checks # Ensure port 443 is open # Include mod_ssl in Apache # Create an Apache Self-Signed SSL Certificate and Key # Appendix - Locations of files on Fedora ==Ensure 443 is open== Edit firewall settings to allow t...
Created 28/04/07

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