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PHP Pack function

Understanding pack and the bitwise php operators. This article has spurned off my previous article on comunicating binary data for DNS.

As a webdeveloper i can use use extensions to send and recieve most binary data. Albeit i've only recently hit a wall where i have to use binary data, sockets and painful revising of RFC documents. The following table represents output from the pack function e.g.

echo pack( 'c*', 0x41, 0x61, 0x6162, 255, "255");

The first parameter is how we are interpretating the subsequent arguments. More information is available at http://php.net/pack on this.

  0x41 0x61 0x6162 255 "255"  
c* A a b signed char
C* A a b unsigned char
a* 65 97 24930 255 255 NUL-padded string
A* 65 97 24930 255 255 SPACE-padded string
h* V y B9 R R Hex string, low nibble first
H* e $“ %P %P Hex string, high nibble first
v* A a ba unsigned short (always 16 bit, little endian byte order)
n* A a ab signed integer (machine dependent size and byte order)
S* A a ba unsigned short (always 16 bit, machine byte order)


Recreate the table

echo '<table><tr>';
foreach( array('0x41', '0x61', '0x6162', '255', '"255"') as $o )
		echo '<th>'.$o.'</th>';
echo '</tr>';

foreach( array('c*','C*','a*','A*','h*','H*','v*','n*','S*') as $o ){
	echo '<tr><th>' . $o . '</th>';
	foreach( array(0x41, 0x61, 0x6162, 255, "255") as $oo )
		echo '<td>' . htmlentities(pack ( $o, $oo )) . '</td>';
	echo '</tr>' . "\n";
echo '</table>'; 



Is there any way to convert a Hex code to 16bit (binary ) string The output looks like this :� �
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