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Two mathematicians

Two mathematicians walk along a street they are old friends and are catching up. The first mathematician says "I have three chilldren" The second enquires as to their ages. The first mathematician says "The product of they're ages is equal to eighteen."Not giving any more away, they continue to walk.

They stop and the first mathematician points across the street to a house. He says: "The sum of their ages is equal to the number on that house". They continue to talk about something else. After the first mathematician mentions "my eldest son plays the oboe" the second mathematician say's: "Arh.. I know the age's of your children!"

What are the ages of the first mathematicians children?


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House number is irrelevant :) The ages are 1, 2 and 9. There is another alternative 2,3 and 3 but it contradicts the fact that there is the eldest child. Correct?
Created 28/05/09

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