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Dynamic Web Page content using AJAX

Being a geek of sorts (the cool type with the low hung jeans, and huge headphones albeit staying in writing an article on probably the last sunniest day of the year, and the day of the Notting Hill Carnival). I've stumbled upon a brilliant remote javascripting today, better than prvious examples. It's potentially the coolest thing around on the web, Able to load remote data without interupting what the user is doing.

I thought i'd copy an article written by Drew McLellan entitled Very Dynamic Web Interfaces and expand on his basic check a username isn't already registered script, adding a more complex 'make suggestions'. And also explain the theory which in large is pinched from Ajax: a new approad to web applications

The traditional way

Normal webpages go through a stop and start process with a bit of waiting in between. e.g. If you are writing a lisitng in ebay you'd go through a form process where you may upload your form data incrementally on to their system, And in order to go through to the next screen you'd have to wait for them to send it to you. The alternative of this would be dynamic server requests, you can send your data working in the background, without affecting the users operations. Take www.a9.com, Googles beta search which will instantly make suggestions as you type in your keyword, or even Google maps or even googles spell check which all work with a javascript communication layer.

The second way


http://nodivisions.com/uploaddemo/ http://encodable.com/tech/ajaxupload/



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