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Notting Hill Carnival 2005

Wicked Mon, That was ta best time i've eva had in me hole life... betta dan last yeah mon, or any udder yeah for dat matter. Probablee because i ave never been before init.

Rastafarianism, identifiable by their glorification of green things and sporting the latest essentials in smoking wear. And obviously completely unawares of the location of the so called promised land, its Africa!


"Notting Hill Carnival as Europe 's premier outdoor arts and cultural event" aparently. Its set in the streets of West, Central London, near Ladbroke Groove tube station. Although the station was closed i was able to walk, 'Why dont you use ya feat mon'. People everywhere some went for elaborate lengths to show off their adept textile designs, none more so than snake man himself, whos wearing a ...eh...snake, but its alive, cant see it catching on!

]fig.2: When interviewed his hobbies include genocide and his greatest hero's include Pol Pot and Stalin.

Amongst the horde there was the 'Bone Collector' a fan of Steven King noless

Two amorous guys, who let me use their toliet. As just pointed out at a carnival that could be a metaphor for a 'stiff pain in the arse' fortunatly not this time. I took a photo from their flat. Had the photo been taken five second earlier i would have had the unfourtunate task of censoring the image, Americans! the women in blue was having a particulary good time and wanted everyone to know. See fig 3.


fig.4: The police ready to do their act, a synchronised inline dance routine, with their rendition of Kaiser Chiefs, 'I predict a riot'