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SOAP Webservice Linux to Windows with NTLM credentials

Bibit is a payment webservice, the word 'bibit' comes from the indonesian word for rice.... anyway. Bibit is the thrird party credit validation and processing. I have my webserver 'A' that receives credit card info which i need to pass to an intermediary server 'B' on our network which handles the connection to Bibit 'C'. I will be using the same scheme to connect to 'B' that 'B' uses to connect to 'C' (Bibit) , so its kinda like going from A-C however my main problems are credentials! as intermediary server 'B' requires authorisation from 'A' NTLM. And it is this that i have followed the below steps in finding.

The basic premise is: A SOAP webservice uses a WSDL file which describes the methods and variables, created by the php SOAP extension ( if you dont have PHP 5, download nusoap.php, or pear install soap ).

Construst the Soap request

This is my PHP script resides on my webserve and called my a user (cut down). Its this thats getting the response "Unauthorised Request" as it makes connection to 'B'

[CODE=make_payment.php] 'MY_MERCHANT_CODE', "MerchantDescription" => 'Word', "OrderCode" => '123', "PaymentTotal" => '12.34', "PaymentCurrencyCode" => 'GBP', "ProductId" => '1234', "ProductDescription" => '234', "CardPaymentType" => 'VISA-SSL', "CardNumber" => '4111111111111111', "CardExpiryDateMonth" => '12', "CardExpiryDateYear" => '2006', "CardHolderName" => 'Mark Emblin', "CardStartDateMonth" => '01', "CardStartDateYear" => '2004', "CardIssueNumber" => '', "CardCVC" => '555', "CardFirstName" => 'Marky', "CardLastName" => 'ds', "CardStreet" => 'ds', "CardCity" => 'ds', "CardPostalCode" => 'CM3 2JW', "CardCountryCode" => 'GB', "CardTelephoneNumber" => '01245381288', "ShopperIPAddress" => '', "SessionID" => '134kjbasedgubsewor', "ShopperEmailAddress" => 'mail@books.co.uk', "AuthenticatedShopperID" => '', "ShippingFirstName" => 'bollox', "ShippingLastName" => 'bollox', "ShippingStreet" => 'bollox', "ShippingCity" => 'bollox', "ShippingPostalCode" => 'CM1 2JS', "ShippingCountryCode" => 'GB', "ShippingTelephoneNumber" => '01234322342' ); $wsdl = "http://buy.books.co.uk/BibitPaymentService.wsdl"; $client = new soapclient( $wsdl, array( "login" => $login, "password" => $password, 'exceptions' => 1, 'trace' => 1) ); $params->CustomerPaymentOrderObj = $p; print_r( $client->MakePayment($params) ); ?> [/CODE] [CODE=WSDL] [/CODE]


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Created 21/07/16

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