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Text selector jquery plugin

In a previous article i wrote about the creating a text editor. One of the core features of the editor was a standardized text selector.
For example, IE uses window.selection.createRange(), whilst the other browsers use window.getSelection(). But this hardly warrants a plugin.

The disparitites go further, Firefox wont provide us with the correct focused node. Instead providing us with the node on the left.

The following script will help us select nodes and return an object with.
var selected = $().selectedText();
// var selected is ...
// {obj:focusNode, text:Text string selected}
.. fixing the issue with FireFox 3.

Further disparities were found on Google Chrome 1. When applying format block to a selected text, the first character would not have the format applied.  However Google Chrome 2 has fixed this issue. And i dont have the resources to make this completely backwards compatible.

Here is the code.
 * Get information about the selected text.
 * @param the scope/window object
 & @return selected element
jQuery.fn.selectedText = function(win){
	win = win || window;
	var obj = null;
	var text = null;

	// Get parent element to determine the formatting applied to the selected text
		var obj = win.getSelection().anchorNode;

		var text = win.getSelection().toString();
		// Mozilla seems to be selecting the wrong Node, the one that comes before the selected node.
		// I'm not sure if there's a configuration to solve this,
		var sel = win.getSelection();
			// If we've selected an element, (note: only works on Anchors, only checked bold and spans)
			// we can use the anchorOffset to find the childNode that has been selected
			if(sel.focusNode.nodeName !== '#text'){
				// Is selection spanning more than one node, then select the parent
				if((sel.focusOffset - sel.anchorOffset)>1)
					console.log("Selected spanning more than one",obj = sel.anchorNode);
				else if ( sel.anchorNode.childNodes[sel.anchorOffset].nodeName !== '#text' )
					console.log("Selected non-text",obj = sel.anchorNode.childNodes[sel.anchorOffset]);
					console.log("Selected whole element",obj = sel.anchorNode);
			// if we have selected text which does not touch the boundaries of an element
			// the anchorNode and the anchorFocus will be identical
			else if( sel.anchorNode.data === sel.focusNode.data ){
				console.log("Selected non bounding text",obj = sel.anchorNode.parentNode);
			// This is the first element, the element defined by anchorNode is non-text.
			// Therefore it is the anchorNode that we want
			else if( sel.anchorOffset === 0 && !sel.anchorNode.data ){
				console.log("Selected whole element at start of paragraph (whereby selected element has not text e.g. <script>",obj = sel.anchorNode);
			// If the element is the first child of another (no text appears before it)
			else if( typeof sel.anchorNode.data !== 'undefined' 
						&& sel.anchorOffset === 0 
						&& sel.anchorOffset < sel.anchorNode.data.length ){
				console.log("Selected whole element at start of paragraph",obj = sel.anchorNode.parentNode);
			// If we select text preceeding an element. Then the focusNode becomes that element
			// The difference between selecting the preceeding word is that the anchorOffset is less that the anchorNode.length
			// Thus
			else if( typeof sel.anchorNode.data !== 'undefined'
						&& sel.anchorOffset < sel.anchorNode.data.length ){
				console.log("Selected preceeding element text",obj = sel.anchorNode.parentNode);
			// Selected text which fills an element, i.e. ,.. <b>some text</b> ...
			// The focusNode becomes the suceeding node
			// The previous element length and the anchorOffset will be identical
			// And the focus Offset is greater than zero
			// So basically we are at the end of the preceeding element and have selected 0 of the current.
			else if( typeof sel.anchorNode.data !== 'undefined' 
					&& sel.anchorOffset === sel.anchorNode.data.length 
					&& sel.focusOffset === 0 ){
				console.log("Selected whole element text", obj = (sel.anchorNode.nextSibling || sel.focusNode.previousSibling));
			// if the suceeding text, i.e. it bounds an element on the left
			// the anchorNode will be the preceeding element
			// the focusNode will belong to the selected text
			else if( sel.focusOffset > 0 ){
				console.log("Selected suceeding element text", obj = sel.focusNode.parentNode);
		else if(sel.isCollapsed)
			obj = obj.parentNode;
	else if(win.document.selection){
		var sel = win.document.selection.createRange();
		var obj = sel;

			obj = sel.parentElement();
			obj = sel.item(0);

		text = sel.text || sel;
			text = text.toString();
		throw 'Error';
	// webkit
		obj = obj.parentNode;

	// if the selected object has no tagName then return false.
	if(typeof obj.tagName === 'undefined')
		return false;

	return {'obj':obj,'text':text};


How to apply style
Hi, how can I apply some css style to the selected text from here? I've tried the following but it makes the whole page go bold instead of just the selected text... $(":focusNode").css('font-weight', 'bold'); I'm missing something...
Created 08/10/09
Thank you
You helped me
Created 07/07/10
Wow, I have been hoping some one would make this cross browser and actually work. Very nice job!
Created 06/08/10
mousedown vs click
thanks for the code. strange enough, when it is run from click(), it works. but from mousedown(), it doesnt.
Created 29/07/11
Check out rangy which will help with cross-browser selection
Thanks for the articles about wysiwyg editors! Check out rangy, a javascript plugin which makes the whole "selection/range" issue a lot easier to deal with. http://code.google.com/p/rangy/
Created 26/07/12
Thank you so much
Thank you so much guys, this article helps me, it worked for me. I can not able to get the parent object on firefox while we select text by double clicking, for that this method works for me. Thanks alot
Created 25/10/13

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