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Feeling Perplexed

Perplexed is a WIKI style website where i dump interesting stuff when it crops up..

If your a windows 7 user you'll know about hovering over active application on the taskbar to see a thumbnail image of that window. .e.g....What we get...But what if if looked like....Something which can provide information even when small. This woul...
Created 17/01/11
Considerations when designing siteMode features for your pinned application.Thumbnail ButtonsButtons persists between pages. So when you navigate to a page which doesn't support the button click event the button functionality becomes redundant and yo...
Created 10/01/11
Client side storage is one of the best new features in recent years within browsers. But it doesn't get handled in the same way when a user opens a new tab? .tabularfanstastica{ border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0; width:...
javascript html5 storage
Created 07/01/11
Authentication Messenger Connect using OAUTH_WRAP on AppEngine
Windows-Live AppEngine Python OAuth-WRAP
Created 02/11/10
I first saw seepage with Chome, 2 years ago, where a page could be dragged out as a dektop icon. Whilst it never rocked my world some of the more recent "seepage"'s are starting to tilt it somewhat. IE9 PinningIE9 can pin webpages to the Start ...
IE9 Chrome
Created 21/09/10
Some of the trés chic features of the the HTML5 spec was to address some of the more common problems developers faced in building websites i.e. form validation, video and audio embedding and make them native to the HTML syntax without req...
html5 jQuery
Created 17/09/10
Sharing, Digging, Buzzing, Wall'ing... whatever you want to call it is a pretty omnipotent marketing tool and is as simple as a link. Following on from my simple Add to calendar links. I thought i'd see whats on offer in the way of blogging a we...
social-networking API
Created 03/09/10
Windows live allows one to post messages up on their "Activity Feed" which (and i'm forfeiting articulation points here) is similar to Facebook's Wall.It looks a bit like this...DemoJavascript: http://sandbox.knarly.com/winconnect/bookmark.htmPHP:htt...
PHP Windows-Live
Created 24/08/10
This article is an introduction to writing a proxy on your website to by-pass XSS browser restrictions. Here i'm taking advantage of the REST'ful interface of Windows Live. This does make coding pretty cool as you can tap into their JSON strutured OD...
PHP Windows-Live
Created 19/08/10
Online Calendars are this years must have social feature: Even though their sooo dated! Bah-dum! The tools can be (should be) as simple as snipets of HTML... check this little generator out Demohttp://sandbox.knarly.com/js/event.htm win...
Created 13/08/10
Almost a year ago (when the latest piece of tech was the abacus and debugging was done with a citrusy-vinegar mix) i was given the coding challenge for an interview with a Spanish social networking site (who shall remain nameless). One of t...
Created 09/08/10
I've worked with some clients who are a bit confused by the UX of the Windows live consent form process. The culprit is multiple sign-in locations and the context of "Sign me in automatically" checkbox on the consent form ....THE QUESTION ...
Created 09/08/10
So the windows live chat control is a really easy to deploy, drop-in-and-play instant messaging service. Which looks a little like this...To get this chat widget you can follow the tutorial here .... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff750...
Created 06/08/10
When it comes to beating out social standards for Authorisation and Delegation Facebook and a group of others have highjacked the "OAuth" name and devised OAuth 2.... even though it has none of the cryptography of OAuth But its more like the other OA...
Facebook OAuth
Created 09/06/10
PLEASE NOTE: This article talks about a deprecated API. For latest demos please visit http://liveexperiments.com There's another cool feature that i've been exploring in Windows Live messenger is Application Contacts. Which lets a web applic...
Created 29/03/10
OAuth WRAP (Web Resource Authentication Protocol) is an attempt to redefine the way in which web services grant access for another service to view and edit content on behalf of a user. An example of this is given in the micro blogging world, where yo...
PHP OAuth OAuth-WRAP Authentication
Created 12/03/10
I'm mashing up Windows Live Messenger with Googles Gears GeoLocation and Maps. The Windows Live Messenger Presence Extension can broadcast any kind of data. I've whipped it up with Geolocation and transmitted it to all my friends... All i had to do w...
Created 19/02/10
Can we dynamically load Windows Live messenger? Yes, we can (despite what the docs say)Embedding both Windows Live Messenger and Facebook into a html page requires the inclusion of the html namespace added to the tags. And additional mar...
Created 09/02/10
PLEASE NOTE: This article talks about a deprecated API. For latest demos please visit http://liveexperiments.com Adding messenger and LiveID lets you quickly add site specific messaging and general messaging features to your users experience...
MSM Windows-Live
Created 08/01/10
Is that a smiley its giving me... awww!
XP bug
Created 31/12/09
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